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Why is Software Design Difficult?

SATURN 2015 Highlights

Three Big Ideas for Beating Innovator's Block

Managing Multiple Ruby Versions with uru on Windows

Introduction to Microserivces

Communicating Design Intent by Sharing the Paths not Taken

Agile Software Architecture (with George Fairbanks)

Architecture Haiku

Dante can be Agile too

The Case for Minimalism in Software Architecture

Defect-Driven Process Improvement

Dealing with Constraints in Software Architecture Design

Architectural Drivers: Building Blocks for Decision Making

Five Challenges for a Maturing Discipline

I'm Going to SATURN 2014 and you should too!

Formal Models: I Hate You, I Love You

Rapid Software Architecture Exploration

Overcoming Team Dysfunctions: From Storming to Awesome

Boxing the Infinite Design Space

Play Telephone with your Architecture Description

High Ceremony Software Architecture Kills Collaboration

Reflection on Past Essays and the Path Forward

See you at the Affordance-Driven Process Improvement Workshop at Agile2012

Scarce Resources: The Hidden Architectural Driver

If you aren't Agile… Then what are you?

Postmodern Software Architecture

Guidelines for the System Metaphor

See you at Agile2011 in Salt Lake City!

Change Your Team's Oil

Why I Pledge an Oath on Non-Allegiance

Exploring the Design Space

Choosing a Software Design Strategy

Improvisational Architecture

Hacking is not a Dirty Word

Lightweight Experiments for Process Improvement

Lessons from a Software Engineering Dojo

See you at XP2010 in Trondheim, Norway!

The Reality of Risk Exposure

A Closer Look at Risk Burndown

Is Better the Enemy of Good Enough?

Book Review: The Design of Design by Fred Brooks

Carpool Musings on Women in Science and Engineering

Identifying Process Affordances: Nudging Toward Change

Getting Started with Version Control

SWOT vs. Risk Management

Why don't you use Continuous Integration?

Threshold of Success

2010: The Year I Make Contact

The Domestication of Formal Methods

Groupthink Kills Big Ideas

Exploring Archetypes of Architects

Tracking Bugs Better

Project Signaling

Binary is a Metric Too

Software Craftsmanship: Engineering by Coincidence

Relationships Matter

Kenny Rogers' Guide to Software Process Improvement

Software Engineering: Art or Engineering?

Securing the Internet

Process Affordances: Ignore at your own Peril

Applying Leadership StylesThoughts on Formal Methods in Software Engineering


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Dealing with Constraints in Software Architecture Design

Managing Multiple Ruby Versions with uru on Windows

If you aren't Agile… Then what are you?